collegium humanum Warsaw Management University 

C. H. Warsaw Management University, located in Poland, is an international, private higher education institution that unites university lecturers with extensive experience and versatile scientific and didactic achievements under its umbrella. 
The academic faculty of Collegium Humanum - University of Management are successful, experienced and outstanding in science and practice. Open to interdisciplinary education and research, international specialists with a mission to transfer knowledge, qualifications and skills to students. Our lecturers are people from different countries united by the value culture of Collegium Humanum: Education for Success.

The history of C. H. Warsaw Management University dates back to 2011, when the Humanum Institute for International Studies and Education was established. Since its establishment, this served as a publisher for scientific books and journals, organized scientific symposia, lectures and conducted various research activities. In 2018, the Humanum Institute for International Studies and Education received approval from the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education to establish a private university. Thus, finally, in August 2018, the C. H. Warsaw Management University was established.  

The rector of C. H. Warsaw Management University is Paweł Czarnecki - university lecturer and manager, as well as founder of C. H. Warsaw Management University. In addition to his extensive management and business know-how, he is educated in philosophy, theology and social work. He is also known as the author of various scientific articles published in Poland and internationally.

C.H. Warsaw Management University is state accredited and registered with AQ Austria (Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria) as a cross-border course provider.